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    We are excited to announce that we are now offering a new fraud-alerting 
    app forour debit cardholders.  
    ** SHAZAM BOLT$ has arrived at F&M!** 
    With the SHAZAM BOLT$ mobile app you'll enjoy the convenience of mobile and the flexibility to manage your accounts wherever the road takes you.  Reliable protection is always available.  You can automatically receive 24/ 7 email alerts on your smartphone, tablet or home computer whenever a debit card purchase is made where your card is not present, such as telephone or internet orders.  You can also be notified when potentially fraudulent activity occurs, such as purchases for large amounts or transactions in foreign countries.   
    When you receive an alert, you simply check the transaction.  If the purchase isn't valid, call us right away and we'll put a stop to the fraud.  It's like having a high-tech early warning system at your disposal every minute of every day. With the SHAZAM BOLT$ app, you have access to balance information and you'll always know whether you have enough money to make purchases.  Getting started is easy!  Download the app, set your preferences and start keeping tabs on your account.  Download the mobile app today on the Aple App Store or Google Play, or visit on your computer 
    Click here to visit the SHAZAM BOLT$ Cardholder User Guide 
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