F & M is very excited to announce that we are now offering iHELP Private Student Loans and Fixed Rate Private Consolidation Loans.  iHELP Student Loans help cover the cost between the cost of education and any amount a student receives in grants, scholarships or federal loans.  They offer:   
        *Competitive interest rates 
        *No origination or repayment fees 
        *Flexible repayment options 
        *Easy to apply and responsive customer service 
                               **Please click here to learn more and apply for the IHELP Private Student Loans 
Consolidating your Federal, Parent Plus and Private student loans is a great way to reduce your student loan payments and simplify your life.   
        *You may save money by locking in a fixed interest rate 
        *Simplify your life with one easy monthly payment by combining multiple payments into one    
         monthly payment 
        *Refinance a single loan 
        *Make budgeting easier 
                              **Please click here to learn more and apply for the iHELP Private Consolidation  Loan 
F & M offers a wide variety of consumer loans.  Our friendly loan officers are ready, willing and able to help you with all of your lending needs.  Please call for more details and rates. 
When applying for any kind of loan, it's very important to know your credit score.  There are many tools available to check this.  One of the safest tools is the online site "Credit Karma".  This will give you an instant, free check of your score immediately.  Here is a link to get started today: 
Credit Karma 
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